Greg has worked as a composer and sound designer in the Twin Cities and Chicago for the past fifteen years. He is a longtime collaborator with the dance company Black Label Movement and has written music for the Guthrie Theater, the California Shakespeare Theater, the Jungle Theater and has received two Live Music for Dance grants from the American Composer’s Forum and a Jerome Fund for New Music to compose a one-act opera about poet John Berryman. He has written scores for several independent films including a score for for Danish filmmaker Carlos Alvarez’s Human Rights, which won an award at the 60Second Short Film Fest in Copenhagen.

This Summer he will be in the Boundary Waters on an artist residency at Tofte Lake Center to complete his chamber opera ‘Henry… Mr. Bones’ about poet John Berryman. (Thank you Liz Engelman and TLC! – gb)

He is currently working with visual artist Brian Frink to create a series of ambient soundscapes to several of Frink’s abstract paintings. These soundscapes will utilize generative ‘sonifications’ which are created by software tools that Brosofske has developed. With these tools Greg samples visual attributes of the paintings: color, texture, hue, etc. to generate sound. These sounds then go through further treatments and are shaped into the final soundscape.
Stay tuned for more postings on this project!